• March 2012 Promotional Mailer
  • April 2012 Promotional Mailer
  • May 2012 Promotional Mailer
  • June 2012 Promotional Mailer
  • October 2012 Promotional Mailer

Project Description:
Monthly promotional postcards sent out to over 20,000 customers across the United States.
Each month the theme is based off of a national holiday or observance that month.
Company Website: www.psprint.com

Additional Information:
These post cards generally take 10 days from start to finish. Starting with Marketing coming up with 3 possible themes and taglines. From there the graphic design department determines which one to use. We then brainstorm and I get started on the execution. At this point there is generally a 3 day turnaround from the first draft to the submission of the print ready files.